Python programming

Python programming language, one of the easiest and powerful programming languages in today’s world. Python is an Object-oriented language. With the huge popularity, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning professionals also use this high-level language.

Ope source in nature i.e. free to use for everyone.  Python often considered a scripting language. Unlike other programming languages, python uses English words for a huge portion of its keywords. This makes it very easy for anyone to understand the code written in python.

Python programming overview

Python programming. Why one should learn python?

A Computer is a multifaceted machine that can perform thousands of tasks in seconds. But to perform such tasks, it requires instructions. To give Instructions to the computer, We make programs. Thus, a program consists of a set of complete instructions written in a sequence that instructs the computer to perform different operations.No matter which programming language we use to make a Program, we must keep a few things into… Read More »Python programming. Why one should learn python?