Since the launch of ChatGPT especially after GPT 4, a lot of companies are using AI for content creation. From generating creatives for social media or ad campaigns to blog articles, a huge number of organizations are adopting it as a practice and hence there is a sudden surge in the number of AI tools on the internet. 

Now which tools to use or how much to use? Is the content or post detectable? What will happen if it gets detected? So let me answer all your queries starting from scratch.

Let’s start with the basics

What is AI in one line?

So When we talk about AI, we talk about actuators and sensors. 

AI principally uses sensors to feel and actuators to act on it. There are two types of AI. 

1. Strong AI

2. Weak AI

It requires a lot of data for making decisions. The dataset must be huge.

  • Weak AI: AI just automates the processes but the ability to make decisions with accuracy and precision is very low. Weak AI does not learn on its own. 
  • Strong AI: The dataset helps in making intelligent decisions. The system learns from the data provided and is able to make more accurate and precise decisions every time it learns new data. 

Using tools like chatGPT or such detectors to make social media content or ad creatives uses different AIs. 

Since the launch of GPT4, because of the competitive market, many technology giants forcefully had to launch their AI tools just to reach the audience and gain some trust in AI. 

But, the problem with that is almost all of them are using weak AI-based expert systems to generate content or make posters or videos. 

Now suppose, you ask an AI tool “What is Myopia” By default the dataset has learnt that it means a person can’t see objects too far because of this eye defect. 

Now every time a new person asks the question, it will give the same answer.

Until and unless the question becomes more intelligent like “how it affects human eye” or “how to correct it”. That too initially will come from the database. 

For any strong AI system, an expert asking this and getting an answer will give feedback to AI that this is incomplete information. Then only the tool will learn to generate 2nd unique result.  It implies every time a new user wants to generate content or anything on topic myopia, the output will be similar by 80%. It makes it very easy for Google or any other search engine to detect the pattern and flag the website or application or social media accounts for spamming with duplicate content. 

The content that ranks is unique and better than previous but with everyone using AI, the uniqueness becomes difficult to achieve without manual intervention and research. 

And the uniqueness of output coming from AI depends on the subject matter expertise of the person using it to give feedback and generate content mindfully. But the probability is less than 10%. So the content gets ranked low.

How AI-Generated Content is detected?

Almost all AI-content tools do the following mistakes

  1. Use too many nouns in the content piece
  2. Phrases like “In conclusion” in every article
  3. Unable to go beyond mediocrity. It writes very generic content that too with a pattern of (What, Why, How and Conclusion)
  4. The level of predictability, Probability, and Sentence construction is below average
  5. It uses the same sources to generate content at most times until asked to go beyond, hence plagiarism detectors assist in the detection of AI as well.
  6. Passive voice content.
  7. US-based biasness and diplomatic stan on opinion-based content

Why my AI content is not detected in any tool?

Because the AI detector is using a weak AI algorithm and technology buddy.

Which AI detector should I use then to make it human?

Bro, Google has some great results which can help you. I am not naming here any because no one offered payment for promoting their tool. But you can try the Open AI classifier. It may not help you to find which portion is AI-based but detects the whole article and give a verdict if it is AI-based or not.

Although I have one favourite detector that is really good, it detects everything. But wait, it’s a secret untill they pay me.

How to make it look human-written for good SEO?

If in one line, “just use common sense”. Here are some simple ways:

  1. Break long sentences
  2. Convert it into active voice wherever possible
  3. Try to use multiple prompts for the same topics
  4. Use pronouns to improve sentence construction
  5. Write the conclusion on your own as it just repeats the entire content in a precise manner. Here you need to put some effort to make it look natural
  6. Use your own recommendations-based CTAs in between the content whenever required
  7. Go into specifics as much as possible
  8. Try to mention examples, references and citations
  9. Delete the repetitive content which will be prevent in almost all sub sections. Eg, if you are writing an article on any healthcare topic, you will observe it always write can improve or can be used for good health etc. Try to rewrite such content.

Last but not the least

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