Artificial Intelligence, one of the most progressive fields of technology in recent years. The idea of making intelligent machinery to optimize the performance of all types of operations in any sector or domain has become really popular and also has shown some excellent results.

From Google to Facebook to Amazon, all the leading companies are using Artificial Intelligence in almost everything including marketing, human resource, finance, medicine, healthcare, education, etc.

Why and How Artificial Intelligence can change the idea of future

From automating the operations to making an impact, AI’s contribution to decision making & strategy planning helped organizations to achieve unexpected goals. And, this type of impact forces all corporates & organizations to apply AI into their organizational structure as a tool to make decisions to automate and monitor processes.

The accuracy and precision in the output are exponentially for almost each and every process utilizing AI. We already utilize narrow artificial intelligence in our daily lives through various applications like weather apps, digital assistants, etc.

But when it comes to strong artificial intelligence, it enables the companies and researchers to explore a human-machine relationship that optimizes the operations in terms of effectiveness and efficiency by 300%. This is why AI will be able to change the idea of a sustainable future to a sustained future.

Career in Artificial Intelligence

The unquestionable adaptability of artificial intelligence and its maturity to deal with data rigorously helping the world to transform the relationship between humans & technology. But with increased demand, comes the question of supply. Since automation may take few jobs like security guards, watchmen, etc. but it will create thousands or even lakhs of jobs for techies with skills & technology.

The career opportunities with artificial intelligence have infinite growth opportunities. According to World’s Economic Forum, there will be more than 100 million job opportunities by 2023 in AI. The numbers will increase with time because the technology experts, researchers, and companies want to explore the hidden potential of AI for society.

Top 5 Career opportunities in AI

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Natural Language Processing deals with the processing of speech to make it understandable for the computer & act accordingly. The Virtual Assistants, chatbots etc.  are applications of NLP. The chatbots and Virtual assistants are in huge demand post-covid. It brings into notice the gap between demand and supply due to lack of skilled professionals in the industry.
  • Data Analytics: Data means the core of AI. The entire decision making depends on the data and its analysis & pro filtering. Data Analytics require the experts who know how to arrange data, analyze it and create patterns to know the trend and study what needs to be done accordingly. This skill can land you in companies on very good packages.
  • AI Engineer: The AI algorithm designers or engineers who study data and statistics and implement the algorithms to help any machine understand a specific type of data and act accordingly. These engineers need some higher level of knowledge of programming languages like python.
  • Research: The way forward for AI requires research in the field which plays a very important role in advancement for any field. More than any other career in AI, research requires the most expertise because it deals with unexpected of the AI.
  • Neural Networks: Another expertise in the field of AI is conceptualizing the biological brain. The AI neural field deals with mimicking the human brain so that a computer machine can be able to understand in a way such that human brain does. The field has enormous potential as the neural network is still one of the least dived field in AI.

Emotional Intelligence is still out of reach of AI

When we say AI has achieved some extremely impactful results in almost each and every domain, we always keep emotional intelligence out of it. Emotional Intelligence is still unreachable by because it is not able to reciprocate the psychic nature of the human brain. The brain has a conscious and sub-conscious part but when it comes to machinery, no such things at present seem possible to be there. It is just a programmed memory with instructions based on data set. It is such an area that can only be touched after some discoveries in the neural network domain.


The future of AI brings infinite opportunities for both students and companies as altogether they can achieve growth. But it requires skilled professionals with a clear approach to contribute with the help of AI.