A band like a watch or a locket connected with a mobile phone that uses the location of a person and senses the factors like heartbeat and its variation, adrenaline rush and triggers, pulse, and other internal factors and based on that senses GBV possibilities and sends an alert to the nearest police station, hospital and one or two trusted person like in SOS

Explaining this with the following situation:

This band will have 2 modes 

1. Safe mode: when the person feels he is in his comfort zone where no threat or chances of threats are there

2. Unsafe mode: When the person is outside the home or during odd hours or any time 

Case 1: When a person is outside the home and the threat is from outsiders: The primary focus point is location and body senses are the secondary focus

-Let’s say when you are at home, your phone is connected to the home wifi. Once you leave your home, taking your phone with you, it will automatically disconnect, right? 

Now when it gets disconnected from home wifi, which means that the person is stepping out of the home, the band will be synchronized with the smartphone  Now when the distance between that chip or pulse increases, it means the phone is away from you, Let’s give this a limited time for example, if the phone is away from you for more than 15-20 minutes say, it will automatically send an alert msg with the current location of phone + the last synchronized location of the phone when the person was carrying 

In odd hours like after 9:30 PM, the phone will automatically send the locations after every 10-15 minutes to the person whose number is been associated. 

And the number can only be associated after proper verification either at the time of purchase or only at the service center after proper document verification

The location part is acceptable for the unsafe mode but in case a person feels unsafe and his body triggers certain traits, the alerts will be shared with the nearest police stations. 

Case 2: When a person is at home and the threat can be from known people

Body sensations act as a primary detector for this mode and the location is already set as home so the nearest police station will get the alert

It has a dependency that if a user feels uncomfortable at home too, the mode should be unsafe mode only

Now, the sensors must be detecting internal factors like an adrenaline rush, panic, and heartbeat and suddenly when the characteristics match to that of a situation where the pattern shows danger, the alert is now sent to the nearest police station, and the SOS numbers

This requires a strong AI-based expert system that is able to predict the exact emotion of fear and its cause i.e. the GBV in our case by the precision of at least 85% 

If we are able to do this and reach a state where we are 50% closer to this, we will be able to give not only safe space to Physically disabled teenagers but also to women, children, and the entire society.